Beginner Wood Carving Projects

Beginner Wood Carving Projects

The passion for woodwork is very interesting and popular in this new era. Working with Wood gives us pleasant feelings and it also enhances our home picture. You have to need simple woodwork even if you are a beginner.

You will find here the top best and popular beginner wood carving projects which are easy to build which look attractive. You don’t need to go with the big and harder wood projects if you are not familiar with wood projects.

But you can build bigger projects later when you know that how to build simple wood carving projects. The wood material is extremely beneficial and needs unique techniques to build it.

While making wood projects you need to sure yourself that the knives which you will use to carve the wood projects are sharp, and you just need to focus on your good.

Also, you need to know the basics of woodcutting, what are the best kind of wood to use, sharpening methods for your tools, and how to finish the wood carve attractively and effectively.

How can I choose a great carving style for my woodwork?

Well, it depends on your nature. When you know the basics knowledge of woodwork then you can easily start your wood projects. You will feel great and enjoy the working of wood with your hand.

It will give the best feeling while working on natural material. Keep in mind, that all the styles of carving wood projects will require some amount of your energy, focus, time, and patience to get master skills.

Also, it will depend on your working space like if you don’t have a big space to work then your chip carving patterns is a great choice for you. Also, if you have already set up for your wood projects then spirit carving is the best option for you.

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Best 5 wood carving projects for beginners

Let’s straightly get into the main carving projects which you will enjoy while making them. They are easy to make and in the end, it looks beautiful.

1. Whistle

Whistles are enjoyable wood carve projects for you if you are a beginner. Because it is to make and you will feel fun while making. It is one of the great and best wood projects for you.

When you make this wood carve whistle and after completing the project whenever you use your wooden carve whistle, it will give you satisfaction feelings.

Making a wooden whistle as a first project will not give you much experience as a spoon or gnome, but it is a great start for beginner woodcarvers.

2. Attractive Wooden Heart

Making unusual things for beginner woodcarvers is important. Because making wooden heart do not follow the seven cuts standard which is used in wood carving.

For beginner woodcarver who wants to start from very basic information, they need to work with a chisel and a sharp knife for accurate and better cuts. With the only help of a sharp knife, you can make a decent and beautiful wooden heart.

While working on carvings that are not met with some professional standard, and if you add some type of creativity in it then it will look like some experienced person made it.

After this, you will get the motivation to build more wooden carving things which are bigger than the previous project. Using a sandbox for making a wooden heart is a good experience for you.

After completing your wooden carve project, you can gift it to your special persons which are close to your heart. You can add custom techniques to carve wooden hearts and add some special names to them.

You can also add some color in the letters of the name which gives more creativity to your work. You need to push your wooden carve skills into the master level while making these wooden projects.

3. Small Animals

Making small figures will give you more experience in the wood carving field. You can make easily small animals like elephants, lions, etc. Making small animals in the wood carve field is a little bit challenging for you but, it will give you more enhanced skills and you can be a master in wood carving projects. These small animals of wood carve are the perfect exercise for you to boost your techniques and methods.

It will shift you from bottom to top in the mean of skills. When you carve the small animals you will feel realism in it. To try small animal it will not only improve your methods and techniques but also make you a perfect woodcarver.

While making animals with wood carve, you can add creativity to it by painting them with beautiful colors and making a great finishing of your wood carve projects.

Making small animals as a beginner project for you will improve and enhance your carves skill level as well. You will get more knowledge than how to carve wood things in an effective and how to make them eye-catching for anybody.

4. Gnome

One of the best and perfect working wood projects for beginners is Gnome. It has great potential regarding the quality of carve work. With the history of one month of work of gnome, you will see the visual progress of your carving skills while comparing with your first gnome project. You will not find your progress level with every kind of wooden project.

Because every carve project has its experience level due to the shape, design, depth, and facial features of the wooden carve project. You can gradually boost your techniques and improve it step by step project. You just need a sharp knife and a good color marker to make a gnome as a wood carve project.

Adding a hat and belt to the gnome will give its professional creativity looks. Choosing the block for your gnome project is also worth focus. 60% focus on gnome face and 20% focus on hath and 20% focus on the belt is the best standard for this carve wooden project.

Don’t worry if you are not going to make a hat and belt on the gnome, then in this case you should focus 70% on its body and 30% on its feet, after that you will make a perfect gnome.

Step by step guide for making gnome

  • You need to use push cuts to narrow down perfectly the wood size, according to your need.
  • You have to use the pyramid cut which is like V cut. This is to smooth the corners of the face.
  • You also need to continue the V cut to create a new layer under the area of the hat.
  • You also need to cut deeply for the perfect feet of the gnome.

5. Bowls and plates

If you want classic wooden things then bowls and plates are perfect options for you to carve. If you have to choose between plates and bowls, then keep in mind that plates have a slight variation on the traditional carving of bowls.

But bowls are a great choice as it’s recommended by the professional woodcarver. With bowls and plates, you will know better than how to use perfectly chisels and gouges. While making wooden carve bowls and plates, you can easily improve your skills and shift your carve experience to the master level.


You will find a variety of wooden carve projects in this article for you as a beginner carver. If you want to make your carving skills to the next level, then you have to need work on these five simple wood carving projects. The details of the projects are so simple and easy that you can easily understand the things which you need to know.

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