best tape measure for woodworking

Best Tape Measure For Woodworking For Trim Carpentry

In every fieldwork, all required positive results will depend on measurement. Woodworkers’ essential tool is only measurement tape. Because they do their work with professional accuracy with the help of tape which effectively measures their wood. Measurement tape serves a variety of daily life routine works and it is a plastic ruler which measures the distance of the total size.

Its standard measuring tools are maybe like plastic, cloth or ribbon, some fiberglass, and a metal strip. You can take measurement tape with you any time or any place you want because it is a portable and small toolkit that can place in your pocket easily.

The working of tape to measure the corners and the curves of your targeted material size. There are a variety of different scales on measurement tape and it can be made from elements that are helpful for you in your routine work.

You can use tape according to your size need. In this era, this measurement tool is so easy to find in your garage, household, and drawer because it is inexpensive for everyone.

There are different models of tape you can find in the market and it may be confusing for some workers which model is best for your work. If you are finding the place where you can know all the details of measurement tape then fortunately you are in the right place.

You will also know that what is the best tape measure for woodworking or also effective for other works. You also need to understand the complete functionality of the tapes which is an essential part of your search.

To assist you with your professional works, there is a depth buying guide for your help so without wasting your expensive time you can buy it for your work. Here, you will find your desired measuring tape for your woodworking.

Top 8 best usable measurement woodworking Tape

In this part, you will find easily your desired tape which can help you effectively in woodworking. Without knowing the details and information about measuring tape, you can’t give your best in your work. First, you should know the details of measuring tape which will perfectly match your desired needs of woodworking.

1. Overall effective and best: Komelon SL2825 automatically Self Lock Tape Measure for Woodworking

Company Komelon is one of the great companies which introduce self-Lock measurement tape for ease of work. They design this unique tape in green color.

With the help of this tape, you can easily enlarge the blade smoothly and also there is a push-button for you. When your woodworking measurement works done, you just need to simply push the button and then it backs into its cover.

According to woodworkers, it is a great and reliable measurement tape for them. The main thing is that its case is rubberized, which comes with nylon coated on it.

Without fearing the cut from the blade of tape, you can use it easily. Another thing that makes this tape better is its self-locking system, this mechanism allows you smooth blade extension.

It is reliable for long-term use for you as its case is built ergonomically engineered which makes it effective all the time for you. Its maximum length is 25 feet and it is an ideal tool for every woodworker due to its one-touch self button. You don’t need to take help from another person while measuring the other corners area after using this Komelon tape.

The numeric numbers are digitally printed on the blade which gives you a clear visual while measuring. You can also take size while at night because the numbers on the blade are easily visible at low light. The price of this tape will make it better because it is reasonable than another regular tape.


  • Its total weight is only one pound.
  • The overall blade length is 25 feet.
  • The width of the blade is one inch only.
  • Additionally, it had a self-locking best mechanism.


  • It has a rubber case which makes it more reliable.
  • The length of the blade is efficient for every woodworker.
  • The high-quality numbers are present on the blade.
  • Rubber materials are also present on the sides over-molding.
  • It has more durability than another regular tape because of nylon coated.


  • Sometimes you may feel hard when to pull out.
  • Springs mechanism may sometimes not work properly or maybe fail.

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2. More Versatile: General Tools LTM1 Laser 2-in-1 Tape Measure

While measuring the size of your targeted material, if you get a digital numeric result then what will be the best thing other than this? Amazingly, this measurement tape has a range of laser distance convenience which makes it top rated measuring tape. After buying this tape, you will surely get two-in-one best and attractive features together.

While using another measuring tape you will get results within only 16 feet, but with this tape, you can easily measure the size within 50 feet long. That is what it makes better and great from other’s measuring tape. This outclass feature will give you the option to measure your wood by a ray or by tape, but it depends on your work.

This tape will give you the exact accuracy and precision of the measurement, you will be a fan of this measuring tape after buying it. You will get the result of your measurement material in the LCD of the tape. To get digital results on this measurement tape, you just need to do press a red button for activating the laser.

Sometimes people think that relying on laser measurement tape is not good for them because they think it won’t be perfect as manual tape. Instead of using laser measurement on this tape, you can also measure the size with manual tape which is included too.

You can use this tape for long-range measurement and also for short-range measurement tape. You can easily hang the tape on the wall by using a hook that is also attached to it. The tape measurement is five feet long and the blade width is approximately  ¾ inches.


  • Weigh of the device is 0.75 pounds only.
  • The length of the blade is 16 feet tape and a maximum 50 feet laser.
  • The width of the tape is ¾ inch only.
  • For quick reading, there is also an LCD for you.


  • Accuracy and precision result is guaranteed.
  • It is lightweight and compatible.
  • You can use laser measurement and also use standard measurement.
  • Only single button control for you.
  • The laser guide is battery-operated.
  • Special LCD on it to display range.


  • Frame edges are hard.

3. Most Convenient: Zabiki Woodworking Tape For Measurements

With more than twenty years of reputation, Zabiki deals with the production of tape measuring. Their products grab the attention of the customer and their customers want to buy their products again, it only happens because of their product quality.

On this tape, you will get numbers in large and bold shapes which makes it more visible and it has the capability of 25 feet long measurements. All homeowners, woodworkers, professional handymen find this tape reliable for them.

If this tape falls from any height place then you don’t need to worry about breaking the tape, because it has a rubberized material case that is made for easy shock absorbent.

Its durability and protection standards are fully tested by the professional manufacturer and after completing the process they pass each product. This quality of the tape enhances the persistence is double. The double side markers are also its additional features, which are included in metric and inch.

You can buy this tape for performing all types of your work easily. Sturdy blades of the tape will give you precise and accurate measuring results. Only for your convenience and easiness, it has also a magnetic hook for your help to hang it on anywhere you want. So overall, this tape is the best investment for you for a long-term duration.


  • The weight of the device is 0.75 pounds only.
  • The overall blade length is: 25 feet long.
  • The device width is: 1 inch only.
  • Also, it will give an inch and metric ruler from both sides of the device.


  • A rubberized material case will help the device to defend itself from any accidental damage while dropping.
  • For the best support, it includes a magnetic hook.
  • Provide more accurate support for measurements.
  • Strong and efficient measurement tool for your help.
  • Visible and Large numbers on it.


  • There is no LCD screen on it.
  • It may stop working in there is minor issue spring.

4. Best Gripper: Stanley Tools 33-725 FatMax Tape Measure

This tape is 25 feet long and measures with excellent results. It is a great and efficient tool for any of your DIY projects. The professional builder or woodworker uses this tape to measure the size which can go long way easily. For almost every task the blade length is best. Mylar polyester is coated on this device and it’s quite safer if it accidentally falls from a long height.

It has a layer of non-slip rubber on it which gives you a thick plastic case for device safety. With this coated material you can easily grab the device anywhere in your work. The first three feet of the measurement with this tape are covered with the best blade armor coating to give you the best durability back.

The standout of the tape is 11 feet long and the post center of the tape is marked by only 16 inches and for a woodworking job it has 19.2 inches for your easiness in work.

There is also a secure lock for the blade which is included on the front side of the tape, with this lock option you can easily open and close the tape. If you are working in low light situations, then there is also bright yellow background which is printed behind the numbers.


  • The weight of the tape is 1.18 pounds only.
  • The total blade length is 25 feet only.
  • The tape width is 1-1/4 inches only.


  • Blade-armor coating within first three feet of measurements.
  • Attractive Mylar polyester film, which gives you firm grabbing.
  • Also include markings for the post center.
  • Best blade recoil for heat-treated spring.
  • The best grip is non-slippery.
  • Lock design is included on the top front blade.
  • There is also a strong and great secure thermoplastic coating on the blade.


  • While using your thumb, the lock button is hardly moved.
  • The spring of the tape weak after a short period.

5.      Most Durable: MulWark Woodworking Tape Measure

MulWark production gives you this portable tape which is most flexible for your measuring works with maximum comfort. Without any hesitation, you can buy easily this measuring tape because it is worth your money. This double-sided measuring tape is effective for woodworking which can measure corners areas perfectly.

This tape structure is rust-proof, odor-free, and best impact resistant. The ruler dimension of this premium is eight-meter long, and 25 mm wide. Also, it is 0.15 mm thick. Its rugged, versatile magnetic can help you to stick with any type of ferrous materials which place the blade in a stable position, especially for long measuring distances.

It can stand out seven feet from horizontal and from vertically it’s 13 feet. With more features, it can give you accurate zero reading calibration while owning it. There is a soft and smooth rubber grip on it which can be perfect in your hand for grabbing.

Its molded shape can easily and effectively give you a firm grip in your hand through which your fatigue will be reduced. This tape owns all the features and also some extra amazing features which leave a powerful standard for tape.


  • The weight of the tape is 0.90 pounds only.
  • The overall blade length is 26 feet.
  • Tape body is 3½ inches.


  • The magnetic hook is powerful.
  • Dual-sided measure which is extra long.
  • ABS case for high impact falls.
  • It is the best top-grade molded rubber on it.
  • Smooth and powerful springs mechanisms.
  • It gives you one thumb use which makes it an ergonomic design.


  • Sometimes it may be twisted while long measuring.
  • There are no auto-lock features.

6. Friendly budget: Fast Cap PSSR25 Left or Right Handed Tape

Its design and style look so beautiful that anyone wants to buy it quickly. Fast cap measuring tape is friendly compatible with your all work but it’s the perfect tape for woodworkers. Fast cap tape has one of the best and unique features which gives you an erasable notepad option that is built by default from the production.

This feature allows you to easily note down the measurements on the tool by itself. As everyone knows that woodworkers work hard and their work on heavy equipment is remarkable, so during their work carrying an extra notepad in their hand is difficult for them. So this is the best and perfect tape while having a notebook and pencil sharpener which is inbuilt on it.

Further, it has an attractive feature of the reverse system through which the blade can roll back easily automatically. Another remarkable feature of easy read portions of 1/16 inches. This tape is highly durable because of the rubber coating around the device’s body, which prevents it from wear and tear.

This tape is lightweight as it comes with only 11.2 ounces, which gives you perfect and best portability. You can hang this measuring tape while using its belt which presents at the backside of the tape.

You can measure both standard and metric units on it, which means it is worth your work. If you wanna buy it, then with all the extra features like a hanging belt, notepad, and sharpener you will get all these things within budget.


  • The weight of the fast cap measuring tape is 0.65 pounds only.
  • The blade length of the fast cap tape is 25 feet only.
  • Also, you have both right and lefty options while using this tape.


  • You can easily measure metric and standards units with this tape.
  • Gives you accurate and precise measurement anywhere in your work.
  • It’s lightweight and best compatible.
  • You also have a sharpener for pencil and notepad which is erasable.
  • It has four rivet nose clips for your easiness.
  • Its rubber case is a heavy-duty safe and protective for you.
  • Its readable fractions are easy for visual reading which is 1/16 inches.


  • It is bulky model of tape.
  • When the case of the tape is drop then maybe it will break or crack.

7. Best for visual results: eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure

If you are looking for all-in-one measuring tape features, then eTape16 is best and great for you. Its looks like that it is Sci-fi features in one device. It is more accurate and reliable measures tape than all other standard tapes. This tape is best because it has weather-resistant features, is durable, and rugger which is made up of plastic known as polycarbonate.

Having a large size of best visual display on the top of the tape. This LCD will give you real-time, accurate, and precise measuring, and also readouts that are reliable as you extent its blade. On LCD, you can record multiple measurements on it too. All these things make this measurement tape best and perfect for you.

The standards of this Etape16 is well equipped that it can easily meet the needs of all woodworkers in this modern era. Within seconds, you can convert one measurement from one unit to another unit which makes your work easier and helps the device to save you lots of time on work. From inches to centimeters you can convert the units easily and it is vice versa.

Also, amazing features which help you more, that it can convert fractions to decimals within a matter of seconds. There is a total of three settings of memories in this measuring tape which will save all your measurements with one push-button click on it.

While measuring the corners you don’t need to bend the tape, you can easily measure from the back of the tape as the starting point. Besides all these features, there is a heavy-duty coin that helps to run the battery of the tape long and which can effectively last up to 64 hours easily, while using constantly.


  • The weight of the measuring device is 0.61 pounds only.
  • The overall blade length is 16 inches long.
  • On this tape for the best visual there is a option for LCD screen.
  • Also, you will get the three best memory functions.


  • Made up of the best plastic which is polycarbonate, makes it more durable in your work.
  • For your easiness you can select auto shut-off feature.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • Easily and quickly converts the measurements within seconds.
  • Inside or outside there is a center-line precise calculation.


  • The blade of this tape is shorter than other models which are similar.

8. Most Lightweight: Lufkin QRL625MP Tape For Measurement

Lufkin measuring tape is 25 feet long and comes with the extra featuring of the blade of one inch to read marking easily. The woodworkers find this tape friendly because of its label printing.

Their labels come in infractions and also in decimal numbers which arrange in special vertical sequences. This feature, allows woodworkers to read the tape from the other side of the device.

Moreover, there is a four-strong hook of rivets held in place and as you use the tape for measurements its blade will be steady. The case design of this Lufkin tape is best due to minimizes the slippery options while used in work. Its whole blade is coated which passes ASTM basics and professional standards.

Due to its coating material on the hook, it can easily block some kind of rust, and other various harmful factors which may badly affect the quality of the tape. To resist shock whether it is outside or inside wood projects, there is heavy-duty plastic which is ABS.

There is also a toggle lock which gives you easiness during the measurements. The bright and attractive blue color makes this measuring tape more noticeable for everyone, due to its bright color you can easily find this measuring tape during your work site.


  • The weight of the Lufkin tape is 0.76 pounds only.
  • The overall blade length is 25 feet long only.
  • The width of the tape is: I inch only.


  • Resistant material which is made of Abrasion.
  • You also get a quick read design.
  • It can save from any shock because of the over-mold case.
  • You can get an easy grip.
  • Numbers printed infractions and also in decimal which are equivalents.
  • On the top of the Lufkin, there is a toggle lock for your easiness while measuring.
  • The rivet hook is durable for the long run.


  • It is quite heavy than other tape measures.

What is the best buying guide to choose measuring tape for woodworkers?

There are multiple six different things that you need to focus on while buying measuring tape for woodworkers.

Best and efficient quality

You all need to do just focus on the tape that what it can do or can’t do for your work. Everyone knows that quality is a major factor to select products which we think are best.

Check the Brand

Checking brands is a top priority because professional brands will assure the best and great quality to their customers. You need to focus on testing the products which have been done by professional brands to assure the quality of products before sale.

Long Durability

Due to this option, you can easily assure yourself that which product is more durable during your working site. It may accidentally fall your device or it may break, these things confirm the durability of the product which may run long.

Best and Easy to use

Nobody wants to waste their time learning things while working on their working sites. Manual measuring tapes are very simple and effective to use. So must be sure that laser measuring tape is also simple as a manual measuring tape.

Friendly and best price

During working on sites, everyone wants to buy things that are more friendly on the budget and give high-quality results.

Precision and Best Accuracy

While buying measuring tape, everyone looking for a tap that gives accurate results in return whether it is a laser measuring tape or manual measuring tape. While having low and bad accuracy results will also cause many serious bad effects on your construction projects.


Lots of valuable information you can find above, which is easy in understanding for everyone. Through the above information, you can get your desired measuring tape for your woodworking projects or maybe need it for some other projects.

You don’t need to choose the product randomly, but you need to select the product according to your needs which are helpful during your work.

First, you just need to focus on your woodworking projects and understand the structure and then you can easily confirm your purchase. This way will be more effective for you to choose the measuring tape.

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