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Best Woodworking Plans / Projects For Beginners Online

Are you a woodworking expert in getting started being a woodworker? If yes, you must be looking for DIY project plans or websites to get started. A beginner is always in search of woodworking plans so that they can start their career.

Woodworking is no doubt, fun to do and you enjoy your work a lot. But if you don’t have a precise plan to follow, you will end up creating a mess around. If you want to start creating a masterpiece on the first attempt, you need a proper plan to follow.

Best woodworking plans

If you are a beginner and in search of the best woodworking plans to get started with then I have created a comprehensive list. This list contains the top best woodworking plans for everyone including beginners and advanced woodworkers.

These websites have high-quality free and paid woodworking plans for every skill level. If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of free plans including details articles and video tutorials. If you are an advanced woodworker you can get paid plans and polish your skills.


I visited the site and found it great for both beginners and advanced woodworkers. This website not only caters to getting started with easy plans but also assists in polishing skills. Ana has been doing this for many years and got a killer plans website.

Her website includes many DIY projects to start enjoying woodworking projects. Every DIY project is explained in easy steps plus a video tutorial helps clear all doubts. If you have never completed a project ever before, you can still get started by using the Ana White plans.

Fun With Woodworking

If you don’t know where to start your DIY woodworking career then Donald LeBlanc’s woodworking plans are waiting for you. You can explore multiple DIY projects to get started. This website features rich content having detailed guidance.

The creator of this website Donald LeBlanc shares a detailed written tutorial and illustrates it with pictures. He shares his own experiences of completing the projects. So you get a personal attachment to DIY projects and feel like you are doing this.

 I Build It

One of the best woodworking plans websites I have ever explored. John Heisz is a great woodworking expert and his genius woodworking plans can take your woodworking projects to next level.

He always comes up with unique and excellent ideals regarding woodworking. I love how he explains with the help of video tutorials, and thorough guidelines and illustrates them with pictures. You must explore this site to get amazing woodworking plans.

 I like to Make Stuff

This is again one of the best DIY project sites I have ever seen. The author Bob Clagett shares his brilliant DIY projects with the detailed guideline. You can get more creative with your woodworking projects after following Bob Clagett’s woodworking plans.

Even if you are an advanced woodworking expert you would love the creative woodworking plans of Bob Clagett. He illustrates his plans with pictures and guides you through each step thoroughly.

Paul Sellers – A Lifestyle Woodworker

If you are a beginner or intermediate woodworker and want to get more creative with your DIY projects then this website is for you. Paul has been around for many years to help beginners with his creative DIY projects plans.

This website has great ideas regarding furniture, door, and many other wooden projects. I love his working style and how he explains step by step. His blog is full of rich content and great woodworking ideas to discover. You will also get to enjoy video tutorials for better understanding.

Shanty 2 Chic

If you love decorating your home and renewing your old furniture then this is a great platform for you. These two sisters Ashley and Whitney have great DIY plans for you. You get a lot of ideas regarding furniture and home décor.

This website contains rich content in the form of detailed guidelines and video tutorials to help woodworkers of all skill levels. You would love the creative home décor ideas by Ashley and Whitney. You can easily recreate their projects by using easy to find materials.

Make Something

This is one of the best places for woodworking projects you can explore. If you are an intermediate woodworker and want to upgrade your work with great ideas then this is a great platform for you.

The creator of this platform always comes up with unique and brilliant ideas to get started. You can utilize the plans to upgrade your woodworking plans. This is a great place where you can polish your skills and create something awesome. You can get your woodworking projects to the next level by exploring brilliant ideas.

The Wood Whisperer

Completely new to woodworking projects with no experience? Try this amazing website by Marc Spagnuolo to explore unique ideas. You can get everything you need to know about the woodworking projects.

The author Marc Spagnuolo shares the links to his project videos, plans, podcast, books, and other past projects. You can have everything you need to know about the woodworking projects. Marc Spagnuolo shares his guide to assist the advanced woodworkers to test their skills.

Final Thoughts 

All of the plans shared in this article are offered by professional woodworkers. The woodworkers, have already achieved a milestone in their field and want to help others.

I have personally gone through all the sites and found them great regarding content. All of the websites have rich content regarding furniture, home décor, and many other DIY projects.

All of the plans have thorough guides and picture illustrations, but you need to practice them all. You can just read a tutorial and create a masterpiece. You have to practice multiple times to get used to the materials.

Also, use materials and tools as mentioned in the tutorials. If you want to create a masterpiece, then follow all the instructions carefully.

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