CNC Woodworking projects

Woodworking is really an enjoyable profession if you choose. Woodworking projects help to make your hidden talent come out. You can show the world how productive you are through your woodworking projects.

If you only make a chair you make a copy but if you transform it according to your creative thoughts you can create a masterpiece. Your every project is a masterpiece if you work with dedication and devotion. If you enjoy your work then your professional is just a blessing. Because not everyone in this world can enjoy their job. But you are lucky.

Woodworking makes you creative every day. You turn your imaginations into reality. The tools that help you in turning your dreams into reality are worth more than their actual price.

Because they are your armor you are using to defeat the world of selfishness. You are making people realize that the world of imagination is far better than their materialistic one.

The woodworkers are always in search of new ideas so that they can create their masterpieces by taking an idea. If you see one table you get the idea of a foldable table that is your imagination. Therefore seeing a table sometimes becomes your inspiration and you make something very creative.

That was a professional woodworker’s thing but what about beginners? The beginners need some proper projects they can follow to learn the basics. They need a roadmap to practice their skills.

CNC Woodworking projects

If you are a woodworker having a CNC router in your shop then this article is for you. I will share the top four best CNC woodworking projects you will love.

All of these projects are simple and easy to follow. All you need is a CNC router and some wood pieces, which you obviously have.

Creative and complex decorative signs

Everybody loves the latest home décor ideas having creative decorative signs hanging on the walls. What people usually do, is they go to a store and buy one.

But if you make your own home décor items with your CNC router then it will become a masterpiece. You can really carve out your imaginary designs on the piece of wood sheet in your hands.


  • You need to import a design to the Vcarve Pro software you have created before. If you haven’t created your own design you can use a royalty-free image and download it from any site. Make sure to download a vector file.
  • After importing the file you need to create the proper tool paths to make the machine understand what to do.
  • After creating the tool paths you have to import the file onto the IQ CNC Router and then start the machine to carve out your design.
  • The machine doesn’t only carve out your design but also cleanses the dust after finishing the project. So take your finished piece out.

3D Objects

Importing an intricate design and carving it on a piece of wood sheet is a simple thing. But creating 3D designs is a whole new game. 3D objects can be anything from home décor items to toys.


  • All you need to get started is to create a design of your choice inside the software program. The machine needs to cut multiple pieces to create a 3D object to create appropriate tool paths.
  • Now choose the wood sheet type you want to get your design carved out on. You can also use multiple layers of plywood.
  • After completing the design and making tool paths import it onto the SmartShop machine and start it up.
  • The machine starts carving the multiple wood layers one by one as you can see once the machine reveals it slowly.
  • Once the machine completes its task you can take out your masterpiece from the table.

Magnetic Wood Box

Everything that is made up of a piece of wood is always classy. Whether it’s a master 3D piece or even a wooden box. You can create a wooden box to store little things like candies and keys. You can also send precious gifts in the magnetic box to give them a classy look.


  • Choose the piece of wood material you want to make a box out of it. I would suggest using a 7/8-inch walnut.
  • All you need to do is import the file onto the CNC router just like we have done before with previous projects. You can cut a circular piece of wood and cut it into both the top and bottom pieces of a box.
  • After completing the bottom and top box pieces you can attach both of them to make a box. For this attach four small round magnets and attach the corresponding magnets on the bottom and top box pieces.
  • Your small and elegant magnetic wood box is ready to store small and useful items.


What I can make with my CNC router?

You can make anything you dream of with your CNC router. You can make custom designs of your own choice and import them onto the machine.

The machine carves out your custom design onto the piece of wood sheet. You can make wall hangings, home décor items, photo frames, 3D toys, clocks, trays, and whatever you can imagine.

Is CNC real woodworking?

Technically speaking CNC is not real woodworking because you don’t carve anything with your hands. It is a computer-operated machine that works on the designs you import onto it through software. So, it can precisely carve your desired design precisely and repeatedly,

Can I make money with CNC Router?

Yes, you can make furniture, musical instruments, advertising signs, and many other things on a commercial level. If you want to start a CNC router-based business then make sure you know everything about your machine. You must have mastered the skills of operating a CNC machine.

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