Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Here we will guide you about Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review: Is It Legit Or Scam? which will be very guide about this awesome woodworking product.

ted's wood working plans reviewWho doesn’t want to engage in a fun yet productive entertainment during the weekends and relieve themselves of all the week-long pent up stress?

And in my view, when it comes to the field of stress-busting hobbies, there truly is nothing pretty like handcrafted woodworking projects.

The glamour of natural timber is really a timeless one. And there’s something uniquely comforting and calming about crafting toys and furniture with one’s own hands.

But people strive to avoid woodworking projects as they consider that they don’t have the needed experience or skillset for it. I had the same view as well, but that was before I faced the Teds Woodworking program.

It gives thousands of woodworking plans that even the most amateur of woodworking enthusiasts can follow. Useless to say, as I developed fonder of creating something different every week, I soon became excited about a hobby I thought I’d never have.

And I’m sure, Teds Woodworking can assist you too. Our Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review will guide you about each and every aspect of the product.

What is Teds Woodworking Plans?

Teds Woodworking is produced with the sole purpose of assisting out amateur woodworkers who love to employ themselves in a lot of DIY activities around the house.

So, I really wouldn’t suggest it for professional wood crafters who know their way around timber carving.

You might be considering that this product sounds too beneficial to be true and is apparently a fake. But before you remove it as a Teds Woodworking Scam, let me confirm you that it’s as authentic as it gets.



The program includes an incredible number of woodworking plans ranging from easy cutting and assembly to designing toys with very complicated designs.

In the advertisement, it claims to have 16,000 plans, but in fact, it’s certainly quite short of that numerical. However the number of ideas it does present, and the variety of them are more than sufficient if you ask me, and making each plan gets more satisfying as I launch through the stages.

Apart from the plans, Teds Woodworking contains several downloadable guides as well. If you find the plans too difficult to follow, or you feel that you’re missing several steps while performing a project, then the videos will come very handy.

And to further assist the user out, the videos come with different tutorials as well, along with helpful step by step training clips to help you on each project. This Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review will tell you what the product is about.

Who is the Creator of Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

The author of the world’s largest collection of woodworking plans is Ted McGrath, an approved master woodworker, trainer, member, and producer of The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI).

He has fulfilled the talent of building anything and everything, and his plans to doing just that are accurately what you get with this program.

How does Ted’s Woodworking Plans work?

  • It presents detailed guidance from A to Z to help you build your projects in a super-fast, fun and easy way. You can get detailed plans, i.e., from A to Z, which makes development projects quick, simple, and great permanently.
  • Here you get perfect cutting and material lists that are prepared for every project so that you can purchase it in the right amount. Therefore you do not have to waste money on wrong wood, bad materials. Just trying to save time and decrease waste. It saves your hard-earned money and spends some more time on building woodworking and saving time immediately.
  • Each plan includes a clear and colorful scheme, so no guessing is needed. It depends on the level of detail; the most demanding projects will take you to the park! If the guidelines are clear, the project is developed on its own. All pieces are “clicked” and put in position. It is also suitable for newcomers. A skilled woodworker can perform the project in less time than usual ones.
  • You can understand how everything looks before you build it.
  • We have plans that treat all levels of skills and competencies. You will be an instructor woodworker, and you will not require expensive machines to use our ideas.

Overview of Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

Ted’s Woodworking is the world’s most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans. All of the plans given to you are designed by a certified master woodworker who has got the time to ensure that you have the correct steps needed to efficiently and successfully build whatever it is you want.

Each plan has exactly planned out steps, guidance, pictures, and detailed measurements. You’re never left wondering what the next step is or more dangerous, feel like a crucial step is missing so you’re stuck and unable to perform the DIY project. Our Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review will depicts overview of the product.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll see how to develop when you get this program:

Main Woodworking Plans Part 1

  • Project Compilation 1
  • Project Compilation 2
  • Big Book of Woodworking Plans
  • Outdoor Furniture Plans

Woodworking Plans Part 2

  • An A-Z list of Items to Make
  • Adirondack animals, barns, cabinets, carts, desks, doors, chairs, fences, etc.
  • Guides, Tips, and Resources
  • Woodworking Tips
  • A Guide to Basic Woodworking
  • Woodworking Components and Tools
  • Important Woodworking Tools You Require
  • Tools for the Starting Woodworker
  • Basic Joinery
  • How to Begin a Woodworking Business
  • Avoiding Woodworking Hazards
  • Log Homes Plan Book

View Woodworking Videos

  • Hundreds of Woodworking Videos

Who can use Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

This program is fit for anyone who likes woodworking. If you are taking woodworking as a unique hobby, or someone who suggest making your own furniture, you will like the variety of options that the product gives.

This is also exceptional for homeowners who are renovating their homes with furniture and other items from scratch to save on expenses.


Old furniture that would otherwise end up in the scrap bin can be renovated and provided new life particularly if you use the woodworking plans for refurbishing or up-cycling old parts of wood or wooden furniture.

Trading with broken furniture pieces at home that you can’t bear to part with? Ted’s Wood Working plans may just be the answer for you.

Plans can be applied to repair, improve or modify existing furniture to add functionality, lengthen working life, or produce better aesthetics for old and broken pieces.

Ted’s Wood Working Plans can also assist as numerous resource for workshop instructors who want to have a willing supply of plans for students. This takes out all the hard work that begins with having to draft plans from scratch.


The plans range from easy items like basic tables and chairs to more artistic creations such as jigsaw puzzle tabletops, wooden animal centerpieces, plans for upcycled frame-built palette furniture, wooden clocks, hidden storage, carport plans and even plans for working musical tools like guitars.

With basic woodworking know-how, anyone can come up with impressive wooden creations with these plans. This Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review will explain you who can use this program.

Bonuses With Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

  • DWG/CAD Plan Viewer
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos
  • How To Start A Woodworking Business
  • Complete Woodworking Guides
  • FREE Lifetime Updates

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review – The Pros & Cons:


  • One of the most reliable customer support team I have observed.
  • Each plan is simple to follow for any woodworking amateur.
  • Healthy guides hold the customer’s hand through every step.
  • A vast category of plans to keep you occupied for days.


  • Doesn’t provide 16,000 plans as advertised.
  • Each plan are in PDF format and cannot be edited.

What kind of projects can you expect with The Help of Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

When it comes to woodworking, my first desire is always to build items that I can use around the house, or pack them up as a gift for all my buddies and relatives. And this is specifically why I was drawn to Teds Woodworking so much.

As most of these projects deal with useful items, I was able to make furniture that I could fix around the house conveniently. At times I was even able to make some entertaining toys for my niece, Stacy.

On her 6th birthday, I had gifted her a life-sized rocking horse and even presented her with a customized bed which she absolutely liked.

A lot of the woodworking plans today can make the process of developing something feel quite intimidating to the beginner. And this is particularly genuine when the plans are not made user-friendly and simple to follow.

But with Teds Woodworking, you will find the digital files to be much helpful. I can imagine the task before I begin it and that is why the entire building process is done so effortless.

What makes Teds Woodworking Plans a class apart?

There are numerous aspects of Teds Woodworking that keeps it a step ahead of most of its game. Here are a few:

  •       Amazing Customer support.

What most woodworking products tend to lack is competent for customer support, but Teds Woodworking has an absolutely wondrous one. Not only did they answer all my questions within 48 hours, but they even allowed me free email coaching if I ever required it (I should mention here that it’s exclusive to the members.)

  •       A vast category of plans.

The plans that Teds Woodworking include are pretty different and the challenge of the projects increase considerably as you go through the line-up. But no matter how difficult the plan, it’s quite easy to follow, with simple guidance and step by step procedures for the amateur.

  •       Convenient Video Library.

I saw the video library to be quite beneficial as well. And although a lot of woodworking tutorial videos can be found online, nowhere is it as cleverly compiled as it is in this product.

Additionally, the videos come with their individual set of guides and tutorials which gets new content every month, with the clients having lifetime access to them.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit or Scam? Is it For Everyone?

Teds Woodworking might be the ideal product for me or several other wood crafting enthusiasts, but some features of it may not review to a lot of others. Here are some which can be quite disadvantageous to some:

  •       Lack of a search Index.

As I had stated before, Teds Woodworking comes with a bundle of plans and projects that one can try and finished. But their lineup doesn’t come with a research index, and not being able to find something that you’re looking for fast, can be extremely inconvenient for many.

  •       You cannot edit the plans to your liking.

As all of Teds Woodworking plans come in a PDF format, it’s just difficult to edit them and make your own inclusions to customize the project the method you want.

The bonus drawing software doesn’t assist in this regard as well. So, a bunch of prospective customers can see this as quite a deal-breaker.

  •       Not getting what was advertised.

Though Teds Woodworking advertises that it has around 16,000 plans, but the original product falls significantly small of that margin. This can indeed put off several woodworking enthusiasts.

What Can You Learn From Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

  • This program includes 16000+ Woodworking plans with many kinds of projects whether it is big or small, it doesn’t matter but this large package highlights few of them like tiny crafts, Furniture Designs, Outdoor Projects, Kids Craft, etc.
  • In this program, you can get a list of different plans each and every month that suits your day to day life.
  • Here you can find A-Z guidance to perform the most challenging woodwork projects by following simple steps that make users feel relaxed. All plans include detailed guidance, bills, materials, cutting lists, photos, 3D diagrams, and much more. It includes everything that you just require to do a given work at the right time.
  • The Teds Woodworking plan gives the right direction, tools, and confidence to immediately and simply build a project. It will hold your hand like a little kid and supervise you through project preparation until the end for the best results.
  • Teds Woodworking plan shows all the techniques that are needed to produce the woodworking work that the user has started and designed. Even if you are having difficulties with these technical problems, the guide will present an escape route for you. It is the most helpful tool for today’s woodworkers.


As we mentioned before, Ted’s Woodworking is a really affordable option whether you have been looking to start up your own business or just enjoying a hobby.

For just $67, all of the quality plans we have discussed can be at your fingertips, without a reproducing monthly subscription fee.

The real cost of this program is $297, so you will want to be sure not to miss out on this limited time offer.

To put this in view, for the price of one cheap piece of furniture, you can have the capacity to download plans for making any furniture you want for the rest of your life.

With the intruction of this program, you will never have to resolve for over-priced or cheaply produced furnishings.

Instead, you can use the quality and craftsmanship of your projects into your own hands.

If after looking into all of this you are still doubtful about making a buying, Ted has especially guaranteed your investment.

If you are not happy to the utmost with your buying, simply file a claim for a refund within 60 days of your buying date.

This can be made conveniently through their website and funds are typically delivered within one week of reporting.

With this promise to return your money for any purpose within 2 months from your buying, you truly have nothing to lose!

Will I ask for my money back?

No. It’s deserving the price I paid. Sure, I could ask for a return and probably get it and still keep the plans (they’re digital in PDF form); however, that’s not my way.

If I think something worth the money I paid, I don’t ask for a settlement. I’m very confident I’ll get my money’s worth in the long run.

Further, I’m assured in my Ted’s Woodworking member section that I’ll get access to unique plans that are added in the future. Of course, I have no opinion if this will happen.


Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review – The Final Thoughts

Teds Woodworking plan consists of various categories, so you can get ideas if you can simply find what you want. This plan also covers videos that anyone can use to make the greatest furniture and other kinds of woodworks. It just requires a perfect plan to analyze and pick the plan that is right for you.

I truly consider this is an entire woodworking package and you should grab this chance. If this whole woodworking guide does not perform well or is not satisfying, just send an email to the consumer support team to get a 100% refund.

No questions asked. It gives the 60-day rock-solid money-back guarantee. But I’m sure that Ted’s WoodWorking guide will work for anyone and also support your business to get the greatest results. So don’t miss this chance. catch it before the offer ends.

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