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Simple Tools Used By Carpenter With Names

When it comes to construction there is an important part without construction projects never get completed. Yes, I am talking about carpentry you need in every section of construction. Carpentry is making a huge role in the construction industry.

If you are also a carpenter or getting started with construction projects you must know what tools you need. Every construction agency needs to keep high-quality and upgraded woodworking tools the carpenters use.

Carpenters know very well what type of tools they need in a particular woodworking project. In general, if you want to know what tools are used by carpenters then keep reading.

Tools used by carpenters 

Here is the list of the top 10 tools used by carpenters in multiple woodworking projects. These are some of the common tools you would have known before. But I am going to add some more detail about the tools you must keep in your kit.

Hand Saw 

One of the most common but vital parts of a carpenter’s tool kit is a hand saw. Hand saw comes in various shapes and styles with upgraded functions but the basic purpose is the same. Often traditional carpenters prefer using a hand saw as it is easy to control.

A hand saw allows the traditional carpenters to control the movement while making a great finishing. Being a variable tool hand saw is a must tool you have to keep in your woodworking toolkit. If you have a power saw then try to choose a cordless one. Power saw offers you great control with less effort.

Spirit Levels 

If you want to achieve a perfectly leveled surface or product, having spirit levels is essential. Spirit levels are now available on your smartphones so that you get perfectly leveled surfaces every time.

The size of the spirit level depends on its application and types of woodworking projects. Some of the carpenters prefer using long spirit levels while others keep shorter ones.

You should choose the large spirit levels if you are working on studs. Because small levels can mislead you making you end up having unbalanced surfaces. If you want to keep working with short spirit levels, you must know tolerances and deviations to achieve perfect balance.

Tape Measures 

Regardless of the size and type of woodworking project, you need to have a tape measure in your kit. One of the most reliable and useful tools, the tape measure is used by about all of the carpenters.

You cannot get the precise dimensions of your products without having a reliable measure tape. Make sure to keep a tape measure that comes with precision.

There are electronic tapes available in the market if you can get one. If you work on different woodworking projects where measurements have to be taken in different units, be careful with tape options. Keep a tape having both measurements units that are, feet and meters.

Claw Hammer 

One of the most vital parts of woodworking tools is a claw hammer. The carpenters use this tool in almost all of their woodworking projects. A claw hammer having stainless steel handle can give you super grip and the power of driving nails.

Make sure that the stainless steel handle is covered with rubber for better grip and comfort. You can also use a claw hammer with the wood handle but it would make your work a little bit messy. Your hands will get sweaty after using a claw hammer with a wood handle.


Completing woodworking projects neatly without using a high-quality chisel is impossible. A stainless steel chisel is necessary to complete the clean cuts while performing woodworking jobs.

The carpenters utilize chisels for chipping out the wood for door hinges and other similar projects. When you go to the market to buy a chisel you find them in multiple size options.

You can find a chisel varying from 1/4 inches to 2 inches long. It depends on the type of your woodworking job and your comfort level.

Work Bench 

When it comes to woodworking projects everything depends on your comfort level. If you fail to cut the wood pieces with convenience, you will end up having unbalanced and poor-quality outputs.

A sawhorse or workbench allows the carpenters to cut the wood pieces smoothly without any inconvenience. You can put a piece of wood on the bench and cut its other parts conveniently.

A high-quality sawhorse is designed with clamps and adjustable surfaces. It allows you to adjust your bench anywhere according to the requirement of your woodworking projects.


Woodworking projects demand precision and perfection which cannot be achieved without drafting. The carpenters use pencils to mark the cutting line to achieve perfect cuts every time. You can get your work done with a simple led pencil available in the market.

But the professional carpenters need a specifically designed pencil for woodworking projects. These pencils look like a knife and you don’t need to sharpen them again and again.

These pencils are somehow expensive as compared to regular led pencils. But once you have them you will never regret them. You can also replace pencils with chalks that are relatively less expensive and easy to use.

Other Tool 

I have discussed some of the most important and vital tools used by carpenters in woodworking projects. You can keep as many woodworking tools as you want.

  • If you often work with nails and hammers, you must have a nail gun. Holding nails in one hand while completing your job is a messy and tiring task. Here a nail gun facilitates you by popping up nails continuously. It allows you to carry out your woodworking projects smoothly.
  • Quick clams are also popular in woodworking tools. They allow you to grip and secure objects easily. During woodworking projects, you have to adjust many things. Here quick clamps help you in getting the job done smoothly and effortlessly.

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