Ultimate small shop review

Ultimate Small Shop Review – Is This PDF Guide Legit or Scam?

It is the dream of every woodworker to build his own workshop. But this dream ends up thinking about budget and space issues. No doubt in building a workshop for woodworks you need to think about the cost, construction material, time, and space.

Sometimes due to lack of space, a craftsman ends up without getting even started. An amateur and beginner needs enough resources to build an attractive workshop to attract clients.

Ultimate small shop review

There are multiple guides available in the market that claim to help amateur woodworkers to build their own shop on a low budget and in a small space. Today we are going to review one of the top small shop guides.

This book guides you through each step to build your own workshop without spending a lot of money and time. You can build a shop in the budget range of $500-$1000 easily in a limited space.

The only thing you need is ultimate planning. You should know what you are going to purchase so that you don’t cross the limit of budget and time. Also, map out how you will position everything in your shop. This will allow you to furnish your shop without spending extra dollars on expensive equipment.

What is Ultimate Small Shop?

Ultimate Small Shop is a thorough guide to building a workshop in a limited space without spending a lot of money. This book is designed to enable amateur woodworkers to build their own workshops at their homes.

This book takes you through each step of building a successful woodworking shop. It allows you to build a small but aesthetic workshop in limited space under the budget of $1000.

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About the Author of Ultimate small shop 

Ralph Chapman is the author of the ultimate smart shop one of the best woodworkers out there. He has been a self-employed craftsman for more than 25 years. Ralph Chapman was not that much famous before creating the ultimate small shop.

Ultimate small shop review

When there are a lot of other guides available in the market from well-known brands it’s hard to decide whether you should purchase this book or not. This is the reason we did a thorough research about the product to present a detailed review. This review will help you to make a wise decision.

How does the ultimate small shop work?

The Ultimate small shop consists of different chapters and modules having a detailed guide. It covers each step of building a small workshop for craftsmen. It covers different modules such as

  • Tool Selection
  • Space Selection
  • Shop Layouts
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Dust & Drying
  • Electricity, Lighting & Soundproofing
  • Safety Tips

The Author Ralph Chapman guides you through each step that helps you in building a smart shop under your budget.

What is included in the ultimate small shop?

This book compiles different categories of modules. Each module is a thorough guide that enables you to build a small but smart and aesthetic workshop without spending a lot of dollars.

Module one- Tool Selection

Tool selection is the most important factor when it comes to building a workshop. Because the whole woodworking projects depend on this tool selection. Also, tool selection affects your budget range.

If you choose expensive and useless tools you will run out of money at the start. Then the whole project will be finished even before getting started.

The author Ralph Chapman guides you about each and every tool you need to buy for your woodworking projects. Often newbies purchase branded tools from online marketplaces such as Amazon, Home Depot, or Walmart.

In this guide, Ralph Chapman helps you in choosing the best tools that you will need in your woodworking projects and lie under your budget range. Also, Ralph Chapman helps to save your budget by exploring wholesale sites and markets.

You can buy similar tools from the wholesale market and save up to 60% of your total budget. He explains that you should buy multipurpose tools for your shop to save both space and time.

Module two- Space Selection

Space Selection is the second most important factor when it comes to constructing a small workshop under budget. Because space is the most important factor that decided whether you can build your shop or not.

Many of the woodworkers stop eve before getting started because they have no proper space or location. At the first, you think that it’s impossible to transform the extra room or garage of your house into a workshop.

But nothing is impossible in this world than what the author Ralph Chapman wants to teach us. He has multiple plans and ideas through which you can transform even a small space into a lavish workshop.

In this section, Ralph Chapman shows you his first workshop that was only 8 by 8 feet. But with his wisdom and proper optimization of tools and equipment, he made it twice its actual size.

He shows different ideas and plans to choose the best place for a workshop even in your house. If you are not sure how your shop would look like? Then he shares different shop models to clear your thoughts.

Also, he covers different aspects necessary for a perfect workshop including ventilation, fire hazards, future possible expansions, and the types of projects you can work on. Also if you don’t have enough space in a particular area of your house he teaches you to split your shop into multiple parts.

Module three- Shop Layouts

Once you have determined which place of your house is best to be converted into a workshop the next step is shop layout. The author Ralph Chapman shows you different layouts that would help you in saving space.

Ralph Chapman is a full-time woodworker with years of experience. He still has a workshop in his house reflecting the same situation you are facing. Therefore he knows better how to work with wisdom to create a space-saving workshop in your house.

He covers almost all aspects of a professional-level workshop for the woodworkers that would allow them to work calmly on complicated projects. The Author emphasis positioning the tools and equipment so that you don’t face any problem in the future.

In this section, he also covers some space-saving hacks and tricks. He has learned these space-saving tricks from his mentors and now sharing them with us. These space-saving tricks work so amazingly that you can transform a small room into a professional-grade workshop.

Module four- Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Dust & Drying

Lighting is one of the most tiring and expensive steps required to complete a workshop. Many of the woodworkers stop from building their own shop just because of this problem. Lighting and electricity connections seem to be very complicated and expensive.

You have to spend money on both material and labor. But the author Ralph Chapman guides you through each step that you can set up lighting without spending money on costly labor.

He teaches you that after following multiple but easy steps you can set up your electrical connections and lighting system without crossing budget limits.

In this section, the author Ralph Chapman also helps you regarding soundproofing. He shows different methods to reduce the sound coming from your shop. If you are not living alone and used to working on power projects then you can face a lot of issues.

Your spouse, kids, and even neighbors can get angry at these annoying voices. The author Ralph Chapman helps you in making your shop soundproof by using cheap but effective methods the musicians use. After that, you will be able to create a soundproof workshop.

Module five- Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Dust & Drying

Heating and cooling are the most important factors that decide whether you will be working comfortably in your shop or not. If your shop is not designed according to the climate of your area.

If it’s too hot or cold in your area then you need to be very careful about the ventilation and heating unit. Most people don’t pay attention to these factors but they should remember that their comfort level will measure the perfection in projects.

Also, it’s most important to keep your shop well ventilated and dust-free. In this section, the author Ralph Chapman guides you through each step from ventilation to dust and drying elements. If you don’t pay attention to these factors you can face severe health issues from asthma to lung cancer.

Module six- workshop security 

Last but not least most important factor that determines your comfort, safety, and reliability. No doubt in each module of this ultimate small shop guide security is put at the top. But the author Ralph Chapman doesn’t want to compromise on your safety.

Therefore he creates a proper checklist at the end that ensures your safety and security. Woodworking projects can cause various serious injuries to the craftsman.

Ralph Chapman covers all of the security aspects from fire to accidental cuts. Therefore you must follow this module to ensure a safe and comfortable working area for your projects.

Bonuses of the ultimate small shop 

You get two extra bonuses along with the ultimate small shop. These bonuses help you with hundreds of dollars and hours. After getting these bonuses you will be able to build and run a successful workshop.

This course includes the following bonuses:

  • “The Workshop Cheat List”
  • “Deal Alert Service”

Is the ultimate small shop legit or a scam?

There are multiple aspects of inspecting a product when it comes to legit or a scam. If you are asking about any fraud that you don’t get what you are paying for then it’s legit. You pay for an e-book that can be accessed after completing the payment process.

However, if you are curious whether it works or not? Then it depends on your efforts and dedication towards building your shop. If you follow all the instructions you can surely get the maximum out of your purchase.


  • Easy to follow the guidelines
  • Simple and easy to understand language
  • Written by an experienced woodworker
  • Covers each important and minor detail
  • Easy to take a printout of the book
  • Both experienced and beginners can take advantage of this e-book.


  • This book consists of hundreds of pages. It takes time to read all the instructions and gather the materials required.


Is it easy to follow the ultimate small shop guide for beginners? 

Yes, the author Ralph Chapman uses simple language in this book. Every beginner and experienced woodworker can easily understand and follow this guide.

Does it come with a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, the ultimate small shop comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for a certain reason you don’t find it effective within a period of 60 days you can claim a refund.

Do I recommend the ultimate small shop? 

Well, everyone has their own choices and experiences. I cannot force you to buy the book but its 60 days money-back guarantee ensures that it’s a safe purchase you must try.

Final Verdict 

For everyone who is looking for a complete and thorough solution regarding the workshop building, must try this. An experienced woodworker is sharing his thoughts and precious experiences with you. you should try this out if you are serious about building your own shop without limited space and under $1000.

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